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We value the trust you put in us when you register your contact information into a form within our site. Therefore, we have implemented these policies to protect your personal data and privacy.


Whenever you register your contact on our site, you’ll be added to…


  • Email Newsletters – We’ll deliver content to your inbox as we publish it. You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Special Offerings – You’ll receive special emails that we broadcast on behalf of our sponsors. You can unsubscribe at any time.

We don’t sell or rent email lists. All communications via email are distributed by us.


The information we collect won’t be shared without your permission.


We collect data from professional circumstances. This involves, but is not bounded to, your name, email address, job title, and company name. We won’t share your data without your explicit approval. In special cases, we’ll be contractually forced to share your personal data with our third-party sponsors (for example, events, downloads and webinars) In these cases, we’ll make it transparent that the personal data you shared to us will be assigned to the third party. You’ll have the advantage not to have your personal data be shared if you don’t take part in our sponsor’s programs.


We have third-party data processors.


Some data, such as your IP and/or your email address, can be shared with the third parties who run our website. They need this data to serve our requests and they are not allowed to use it in another situation. They are the following: Google Analytics for website tracking, Google Ad Manager for ad serving, and other third-party data processors we might add along the way. Our Google Analytics data collection includes user-id tracking that allows us to associate engagement info from your different devices used to access and other multiple sessions, so we can identify how our users interact with the content of our website. No personally identifiable data (name and email address) is going to be shared with Google for this implementation. Opt-out If you don’t want your website activity tracked.


We’ll prevent unauthorized access to your data.


To block unauthorized parties from obtaining your data and secure the correctness of our data while guaranteeing the right use, we have set in place suitable physical, computerized and managerial methods to safeguard the information we accumulate online.


We’ll delete data upon demand.


If you’d like to unsubscribe at any time, you can find the opt-out links in our emails. If you’d like us to erase your information, please contact us. Otherwise, by remaining to interact with our website and emails, you give us permission to handle and your data as explained above.


Questions regarding this policy?


Please use our supplied contact us page.