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Jan 22, 2013

No. 57 - Dangers of Pandering to Clients

At some point in most design projects, even the really good ones, you will probably be presented with opportunities to pollute your process with pandering. If you do, then that’s when you stop being a designer and start being a pleaser or a waiter.


Show Notes

Whether by way of deliberate purpose or as an inappropriate response to your client's injection of preference into the project, you may find yourself designing to articulate what your client likes instead of what your client needs. This sort of pandering prevents you from being a designer in favor of your being a pleaser and enabler.

If your client chose you not for your expertise, but for other, less-relevant reasons, you may find yourself required to simply take orders and craft another’s vision. If you allow it, you stop being a designer and become a waiter.

In the face of such a destructive invitation from your client, the choice to pander or not to pander is yours alone, but these things don't happen in a vacuum. Your choices and actions in the pre-bid process set the stage for everything that follows.

There are simple and effective ways to prevent these invitations to pander to your client. We’ll discuss them in this episode.


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