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Jan 9, 2013

No. 56 - Designer Cowardice & Censorship

The primary and popular culture in the design industry stands in opposition to professional culture (necessitating efforts like Design Pro). But sometimes the morally bankrupt popular culture reveals its corrupted character in horribly tangible ways. And people and our profession are harmed.


Show Notes

The popular culture of the design industry proclaims some very positive ideals, like diversity, tolerance, inclusiveness, and courage. The design industry would then seem to be a model for moral and inclusive practices. Yet in practice, the opposite is usually the case. This week I had a disturbing brush with the disgusting underbelly of the design community and an effort by some members to censor and exclude me. It was a successful effort, due in large part to someone’s moral cowardice in the in the face of peer pressure. This is an aspect of our community that professionals must not allow to fester, for it harms us all greatly.

This sort of moral cowardice and, especially, the malevolent and exclusionary behavior exhibited by designers in this and many other cases is embarrassing, harmful, and unprofessional. Your friends and colleagues and professional mentors are likely among those exhibiting these behaviors and perpetrating these actions.

From the start, Design Pro and the things that led up to and complement it, like Design Professionalism and the Code of Professional Conduct, have been counter-culture efforts. They’re counter to:

We must not allow the harmful, embarrassing, and unprofessional culture of the mainstream of the design industry to go unchallenged. For if it does it will taint and ultimately destroy the profession.


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