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Dec 17, 2012

No. 54 - Predicting the Future

When I ask freelance designers and small studio owners what part of the bidding process they find most difficult, the overwhelmingly popular response is “fear of the unknown.” Not those words precisely, but issues that touch on an inability to predict how a project would turn out. It should not be so. Predicting the future is quite easy if you but follow proper professional process.


Show Notes

I asked folks on Twitter the following question: Designers: what do you find to be the most difficult aspect of the scoping/bidding process? Responses indicated a common thread: concerns over predicting the future…

Every one of these concerns touches on things that every responsible designer must address and questions every designer must answer by way of a competent pre-bid process. So while you must bring competence, confidence to ask important and often hard questions is required. If you're not prepared to ask, you're not prepared to know.

Competence and Confidence

Illustration by Jason Robb

In short, you must never leave any of these issues to chance. You must know—and so must your client know—the answers to all of these questions before decisions are made and contracts signed. And it’s all quite easy, as I'll explain…


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