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Dec 27, 2012

Take Back Your Profession in 2013

There’s a lot to being a design professional. It takes years of preparation and practice along with a dedicated effort to address inadequacies and learn new and essential things. For some, the sheer volume of what More…


Getting Engaged

Dec 12, 2012

You probably hear about it every week if not every day: a spiteful or ragged relationship ends badly. There are bitter arguments, custody battles, legal entanglements …lives and homes broken in the wake of moral More…


Project Killers – Part 3: Scattershot Design

Nov 27, 2012

Some years ago I worked at an agency where I was one of three designers. It was my first experience working in an agency and I found many of the basic practices there odd. One of these practices was the way in which the More…


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Designer Questions: Toxic Studio Culture

Nov 12, 2012

I regularly get correspondence from designers working in unprofessional environments, asking for More…


Design Pro Roundtable: Business Partnerships

Oct 29, 2012

Do you start your design business solo or with one or more partners? The answer to that question has More…


An Ounce of Prevention

Oct 15, 2012

I recently asked designers on Twitter: What's an occasional problem/issue in projects that you wish More…

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