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R.A. Ray

Working with Multiple Agencies

by R.A. Ray on Oct 1, 2012

In my studio, our approach to working with other agencies to successfully bring a client's project to fruition is simple, straight-forward, and has had a genuinely positive impact on the quality of our work. It allows us to maintain professional relationships. It ensures the client receives our best effort. It enables close collaboration with the other contractors which provides the best possible results in the final product.By R.A. Ray

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Lindsay Sánchez

Lindsay Sánchez | Nov 7, 2012 | 5:34pm

This is a great article, I love it when visuals can be applied to concepts the way you have done with the stool. My only question in the three-legged stool solution is: how does this play out in the contract(s)? Do the two agencies have a separate contract between them apart from the contract they individually have with the client? Or is there one big three-way contract tying all three together?

R.A. Ray

R.A. Ray | Nov 7, 2012 | 7:25pm

While I can't speak definitively to all possible contract structures that might accomplish it, the main goal of the relationship I described is to clearly and ethically define whose responsibility is to whom. The agencies are responsible to the client for the work they are contracted to do and the client is responsible for paying each agency for that work. The agencies should not be responsible to each other for either work or payment but rather communication and collaboration.

I could see this working its way into contracts from both sides. An agency might demand access to any other third-parties working on the project and a client might demand that any agency that they contract with be willing to communicate openly with the others. However, in my experience, this usually happens informally by asking questions about each others' dedication to communication before entering into a contract.

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